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Great AK Sportsman Show: Kelly Pinnell...Tony Weaver...

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  • Great AK Sportsman Show: Kelly Pinnell...Tony Weaver...

    Just a "field report" of sorts... Went to hear Kelly Pinnell's talk, "What's in That Vest?" - a simple topic easily took up the time. I first "met" Kelly through his terrific book, The Dolly Made Me Do It. Then I bought his book, The ABCs of Reading Alaska's Small Rivers and Streams at his GASS talk on the same topic couple years back.

    This is the second time I've heard Kelly talk at GASS. That he has spent a LOT of time on the water becomes very obvious in minutes. If you're like me, then sitting and listening to anyone who has spent more time on streams is worthwhile. The vest talk: most interesting to me was the discussion (and photos) of flies he carries per season and why. He favors flies tied on the sparse side and doesn't seem to use heavy flies... talks about species-specific colors too...

    Tony Weaver happened to be doing the 7:00 basic flycasting seminar, so I caught that too. Tony did the same seminar for me, my wife and daughter back... 2002 or so - our first introduction to flyfishing... and the rest is history. I've used his circle (Belgian) cast most of the time since that first lesson. As with any expert, he had tips to teach IMO - and the time was again worthwhile.
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