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    Has anyone hiked out from this flag stop train. If so, where should I start if I am seeking some bows?

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    What a trip!

    I figured I would respond to my own post just in case someone was currious as I was regarding the Hurricane Turn Train trip. Went out to Talkeetna on Saturday morning (train scheduled to leave 11:45) and hopped on for a quick ride. Tickets where $48 to Indian Creek (or Canyon). You have the option of getting off wherever. The country is amazing out there with sparse settlements here and there. Anyways, we got off at mile 266, camped on Indian and hiked down to the Big Sue. At the mouth caught sever Bows. Overall an awsome way to access the backcountry and catch some fish.


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      Train Trip

      Glad to hear it worked for you. I've been wanting to do this for years, as I think there should be some spots to catch kings as well. However unlike you I have never taken the initiative to try it & info on it seems to be zip.
      Please send me a pm & I would like to hear more details & the possibility of doing it sometime in the fall.


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        I have heard that you can catch kings in the Indian Creek and it is vertially unfished. Any info about this?


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          Ya, the guys on the train told me that the kings will hit it any time now. The water is relatively clear (for the Sue) and the fish will be booking up to the tributaries. The creek reminds me alot of the upper portions of Montana Creek -- crystal clear and cold. The water was a little high but I imagine it will be lower in a few weeks. However, depending on how fast it takes the fish to get there, most likely they will have a nice red color showing.


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            When the train drops you off, how far is the mouth of the Su from there and is there adequate room for camping? I have also heard that there's a lot of bears in that area, saw a few blackies when we took the train to Denali last year.


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              Mouth of the Sue?

              Well your question has several answers. First, your no where near the mouth of the Sue on the entire route. I assume you mean the mouth of some of the creeks pouring into the Big Sue???? Where you get off the train is up to you so the distance to the river (Sue) varies. Where I got off the trian (1st Indian Creek Bridge) it was roughly a mile to the mouth of Indian creek (leading into the Sue). At first I attempted to bush-wack it, which was due-able but hell on your gear. The next day I followed a trail approximately 7/10 of a mile south of the bridge (following the tracks back that way, mile marker 266 I believe).
              As far as camping, pick a spot, its huge out there. Hard to gage where private property is though. If you hike into the Sue there are tons of river banks large enough to land a Herc on. Where I got off, there was a camp site just off the tracks. I had my mom along and it was a simple 200ft walk, right on Indian Creek, which is beautiful. Had I not brought ma along I would probably have hiked down to the Sue and set up down there. However, it doesn't matter. I found it best to get a central point and hike from there. This will be especially true once the Kings get up that far and the tributaries start filling up.

              Hope this helps.


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                Forgot -- I didn't see any bears while out there but saw lots of signs. Also hear that a sow and cub had been hanging around Indian creek. Train guys had some pretty interesting stories as well. We kept a clean camp and tied the food up in a tree a couple hundred yards away from camp. I took my 12 gauge and my S&W 44 (I don't like to take chances when I am responsible for other people).


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                  Sorry about that, I meant the mouth of Indian Creek where it goes into the Big Su. Sounds like a fun trip, does the railroad let you carry a weapon on board, say in baggage? Thanks for all the info so far.


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                    They say that you must have the weapon in some sort of case or in a pack, however, I noticed several fellows with there shotguns just sitting next to their baggage. I also noticed them load them up prior to taking a step off the train (sow and cub rousted their nerves). I strapped on my 44 just before jumping off. Bottom line, as long as its in the baggage area and not in the main cars you shouldn't have any problems. Also, if your a dog person, they are allowed on with just a leash. (If you call the AK railroad headquarters they'll tell you that a muzzle and crate/kennel is required -- this is definitely not the case.)



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                      Excellent, thats good news knowing we can bring our dogs and weapons on board. I bet the tourists were nervous as heck seeing those guns on board!!


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                        Wondering about pickup

                        Do you just go by the train schedule and be there waiting or do you set it up with them before on where to pick you up. Sounds like a lot of fun and would love to try it..

                        Thank you



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