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    Anyone have any suggestions for some Halibut flies? I am going to have my Fly rod on stand-by this year in case I see any chasers rising to the top. I am thinking white as a base color and maybe some pink and chartreuse for attractor colors. I made a couple with some 4/0 saltwater hooks. Be warned I don't have a vise and these are the first flies I have ever tied. I just got bored this weekend and figured why not?
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    very good

    bet you anything that if the situation presents itself, you'll have some fun! Go for it.


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      I've caught halibut on a fly. The pattern was a tie that resembled a herring or candlefish. Heavy lead bead eyes, three layers of long crystal flash; top layer dark blue, middle layer lighter green/blue, bottom layer white. Body was lightly weighted and wrapped w/ silver tinsel. Stainless straight-eye hook (can't remember the number) Entire fly is about 6" long and heavy in the front to undulate somewhat. Good luck......tough exerting pressure on a 'but with a long flexible noodle!


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        I tied up some 9 inch 5/0 bunny and synthetic and feather flies for halibut and rockfish, I'll try them out this weekend
        I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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          Might want to try some glow-in-the-dark flashabou as well, that is if you plan on going deep.


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            Try a big clouser minnow pattern in white


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