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  • Fly tying table

    Does anyone have any fly tying table ideas that they would like to share with a guy who wants to build one? I just got a bunch of nice reclaimed red oak that I am sanding down right now and plan on using for the table. I am tired of my wife telling me to get all of my tying stuff off of the kitchen table. Thanks all

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    Make as many drawers as possible
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      Originally posted by ak_powder_monkey View Post
      Make as many drawers as possible
      right, drawers, I was going for 3 drawers with dividers in them.
      Are there any other features that I should include. Since this morning Ive glued up the top and it is still clamped (24 X 18). This is a work already in progress so I need to think fast.
      How do you guys feel about a small hole in the top that drops down to a small drawer to sweep cutting odds and ends into.


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        Tying table

        If you cut a hole in top you might be retrieving small items that you need and slow you down-- have you thought of a sliding top to make more room---if your like me I have junk all over the place---also on the sides by legs you could add baskets to hold fur or fluff and a turn table on top back for thread or tools.........
        My desk is 4' x 2' and above drawers I have a slide and that is were my vise is --so I can move it in or out to cut down room space.

        I hope this helps with some ideas-----------ERIC---E-K-C
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          Tying bench ideas

          Mines an old roll-top with a ton of drawers, punched holes above the main drawer bolted my vise right to it, most stable secure set up I've tied on.

          And the cool thing about the roll top, if your wife says something about the mess (if she's like mine, she will) you can just close it.


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