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  • Homemade Poly Strike Indicators

    Anyone build their own? I haven't tied too much this winter, but I did make a few "Bobbers" last night! Really easy, plus you can customize color and length to match water conditions.

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    I've never used the poly indicators. Mostly Biostrike and foam cylinders with the rubber band in the middle.
    What type poly material is that? Globug yarn, regular yarn?
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      It's 100% polypropylene braided macrame yarn. I've never been able to find it locally, so I mail order it from back east. I typically use 2 pieces of 6mm and a small strand of highlight color. Thread it through a 5/16" "O" ring washer, tie off with thread, trim to length, dip in fly floatant and you're ready to go.


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        I also use poly yarn strike indicators. The polypro floats well, even without floatant (although I usually dress mine just the same to make it float even higher on the water). They're fast, easy and cheap, and they work great. I like that you can cut them down shorter as well if you're fishing to shy fish.

        I really like how you've used the highlight color, Wyatt. I'll have to try that. I usually use two colors in various combinations.

        The polypro macrame cord can be tough to find. I found mine watching ebay and got a lifetime supply of indicators for about 10 bucks. Maxi Cord and Bonnie Braid are a couple of brands of the stuff.
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          I love it when people post pics...thanks Wyo2AK. I noticed the "O" ring on your indicators are more open! I make mine tight so they don't slide so easily down the line. Are you using larger rings and do you have problems with sliding? How much material are you using? I've been buying my material for about $7 for 100yd skeins, but shipping is $10 so stock up!


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            You've got a keen eye, Wyatt.

            I couldn't remember what size o-ring I'd used in the past, and ordered 3/8" instead of 5/16". I have had issues with the indicator sliding from time to time with this size. What I usually do regardless now is after I put the tippet loop through the o-ring I give it a half twist and pull it back over the indicator (so it ends up with a wrap of tippet over the thread above the o-ring). That gives the line enough bite to usually take care of the sliding. Now you've got me thinking I need to get some 5/16" and compare them.

            I use two pieces of 6mm cord for my larger indicators (for river fishing) and also make some with a single piece for stillwater or backwater drifting. Hmmm... maybe I should use three pieces to fill up more of the o-ring. Things I should think of earlier.:rolleyes:

            Anyway, have you have tied any like these without the o-ring? I've thought about it, but haven't got around to it yet. Maybe I'll try some this weekend.

            Also, got to thinking about all this and found a pretty neat article on poly indicators.
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              Easy on, easy off design...

              When I use an indicator, this style is a favorite (along with the stick-on foam) because it's easy to mount, adjust, remove. Having a range of sizes is helpful too, for different depths/weights....can be helpful for fast, ripply water.

              Good informative thread. Thanks.
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                I've found that the o-rings that come with whisperlite stove repair kits work really well for this purpose. Not sure of the size tho...


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                  I fished one yesterday for the first time. It was macrame poly that was blown up with a moustache comb and secured to the fly line with light leader material.

                  I'm sold!
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