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  • Recommendations for Fly Fishing POW in May

    I will be on POW from may 12-23 on a bear hunt but hope to do some fly fishing as well. Has anyone fished POW in May? I'm looking for some recommendations on where to fish for steelhead, rainbow, and cutthroat. I'm also interested in your choice of flies. Thanks.

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    late May

    The Steelhead run will be all but over ... maybe a few spawned out stragglers on the return to the ocean going on in late May.

    There are a few Rainbow around ... but mainly the trout fishery is the Cutthroat.

    Late May Cuts can be very good. They are mainly in the Lake systems. Most of the road system just crosses the rivers below the Lakes. So a canoe or inflatable is usually needed to get into the Lakes.

    There is some river / stream Trout action and hike-in is usually required. Try streams that are associated to a lake.

    Cut's are aggressive and will take just about anything you toss in their direction. I have dug flies out of the bottom of my collection ... you know the one you have never caught a fish on ... and caught Cuts !!!!!
    johnnie laird


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      have some smolt flies on hand and fish the saltwater for dollies and cutts
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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        Thanks. Any suggestions on where there may be a few steelhead left? Or, which lakes may be more favorable to cutthroat? I had planned on fishing the brackish water for dollies where creeks/streams/rivers meet the saltwater. I would think the fry are making their way out to the ocean and there should be good action at the mouth of the creeks/stream/rivers. Is this correct? I usually fish with weighted clouser minnows, olive beadhead wooly B., and muddler minnows without the conehead. Will these work well or should I bring additional flies?

        I will be bear hunting around the winter harbour area and was hoping to find places to fish between Naukati and Craig.

        Thanks for all your suggestions because I'll be shooting in the dark on POW when it comes to fishing.


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          Thorn River, Luck Lake area, lots of places to fish on the island.


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            check out the smolt fly selections at living in JNU those guys have the smolt fishing thing down.

            You don't nessisarily need to be close to a creek mouth, in saltwater you gotta look for spots with lots of current (channels and stuff), the dollies will stack at the seams picking off smolt, bracketing the low tide is usually the best fishing. By mid may there will be smolt all over the saltwater, mostly chum and pink also check out the hatchery release locations when they release millions of smolt the fish go nuts.

            The flies you mentioned will work ok but I like thunder creeks the best, floating baitfish patterns are also sweet (cigar shaped white deer hair). For clousers use some with stinger hooks, dollies short strike often.
            I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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              I will second luck lake and Thorn River. The road crosses luck creek, walk down the creek to where it flows in to the lake and cast smolt patterns with varying retrieves. This should bring you some "Luck". The one and only day I fished there I caught bows, cuts, and dollies in a gail for wind with two foot white caps.
              Dry flies on thorn should find success. Don't forget about the Klawok river. When I fished it there was a good hatch of little green stoneflies coming off with bows taking them from the top.
              tight lines,


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                Thank you all. I hope to post some pics when I get back. 39 days and counting!


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