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Flyfishing around Wasilla?

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  • Flyfishing around Wasilla?


    Hi. I just moved to Wasilla. I am looking for flyfishing within driving distance of the Wasilla area. Mostly salmon, but trout also. What's flyfishable and accessable by foot?


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    Read the Regs

    Go online and download the regs. The black lines on the maps are roads. You'll notice a bunch of creeks and rivers that intersect them. The regs will name about every creek that's holding fish and give you all the legalities for pursuing them.


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      The Highway Angler 5th edition by Gunnar Pedersen is a great book to start with. It has all the info you need to find places to fish. It gives locations, run timing, recommended flies/tackle, and much more.

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        Thanks for the advice.


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          First of all, welcome to the forum man

          Gunnar Pederson has some great books out. I have his "Alaska Fishing" and "Kenai River" books and they are great.

          Another book I suggest (highly) is Scott Haugens "Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska". This is the book that tells you where to go, not how to fish and such. Tons of maps (over 100) and each chapter is on a section of the state. This book will tell you exactly where to go and how to get there. A must have for anyone fly fishing in Alaska. It is for sale on the forum store in the "fishing" section. Also, Amazon of course.
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            Fishing the MAt-Su

            I would recommend going to the ADFG we site and look at the stocked lakes for starters, then go to Three River in Wasilla and buy a map or maps of places to fish. Mike and the folks in there can be alot of help.
            The streams along the Parks Hiway north all hold good numbers fish during the warm months.

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              Man are you lucky!!! Centrally located and fishing in every direction. With a lil walking, and I mean lil, you can be by yourself with no crowds.

              Just watch teh boars at Sportsmans and Fred Meyers and they keep ya up to date on the hot spots and local fishing streams and holes.
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                Thanks guys. My mouth is watering already. Hopefully I'll see some of you out there this year.


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                  The little sue is calling you. It's about the best little river close by. Good runs of salmon, good put in take out options for a small canoe or kayak, and good foot trails that follow the river banks. Good luck.


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                    Mr. Barringer,

                    I may be purchasing this dvd soon:


                    The marketing angle the company is using will leave ya drooling.
                    Trust me!


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                      I've found trhat nearly every hole of water holds fish of some sort. If nothing else you'll end up with a grayling on your line within a couple casts.
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