Affordable fishing in Katmai?



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  • Affordable fishing in Katmai?

    A buddy and I will be in Anchorage the last 2 weeks of August. We will fish the Kenai a few times. We have plenty more fishing days available. I was wondering if it is possible/feasible to fly fish in Katmai without spending $5,000 grand a week in a lodge. Open to suggestions - maybe a different fly fishing experience than we will get on the Kenai. Thank you locals for being so generous with all your knowledge!

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    Not sure what you have in mind, but if you have 7-8 days, I know a great float trip for you in SW Alaska. Lovely float and tons of fish. Did this in 2007 myself. Price would be about $1,900-$2,200 per person from Anchorage.
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      camp at brooks camp, your looking at about $800 a person in flights plus food and stuff, cheapest way to fish katmai (brook river)

      Second cheapest is floating
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        Well you can stay at the King Salmon Inn and rent a vehicle total packager per day would run about $300.00 per day split two ways.

        From there you can arrange just about anything for day trips to accomplish your fishing to include renting a power boat and or inflatable to fish on the Nak Nek River and any off the creeks around like Big Creek.

        R & G Boat Rental IncR & G Boat Rental Inc (907) 246-3353‎

        Here are other lodging options and service providers in the area most have web sites and most offer options or no people who offer options such as one day out at Brooks Camp etc..

        King Ko Inn - - (907) 246-3377

        King Salmon Inn - - (907) 246-3444

        Eddie's Fireplace Inn - - (907) 246-3435

        Brooks Lodge - - (907) 246-3465

        Rapids Camp Lodge - - (907) 246-8345

        Kulik Lodge - - (800) 544-0551

        Bear Trail Lodge - - (907) 246-2327

        King Ko Inn Office & Bar - - (907) 246-3377

        Blue Fly Bed & Breakfast - - (907) 246-2030

        Bottom Line you could peace a trip together lodging, vehilce rental and boat rental for about $500.00 per day split two ways not counting your air fare. SO $250.00 per day per person to fish from King Salmon which offers on the edge fishing around the Main Katmi area.

        If you contact one ot two of the lodges for day fishing to inlcude a fly out you will get standard pricing i.e. $375.00 / $450.00 per day if they do indeed have any openings.

        Other Option would be George at Blue Berry Island lodge which I highly recommend and falls well with in the reasonable pricing options.

        Hope the info helps! Tight Lines and Best Wishes

        Blue Moose


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          If you haven't called and booked at Brooks via the Nat. Park Service for camping I would do that quick... The campground does get full and I believe you now need a reservation.

          Thanks for the kind words BlueMoose, and you did a good job lining out what is available. Do you do this for a living???

          There are or was when I left the King Salmon area some B&B's that might also rent boats for their guests. Contact the King Salmon Visitors Center for a packet or at least a Vistors Guide. May still be a few people and fishers on the Brooks River then, rainbow fishing in the Bristol Bay area is no secret any more. Many Lodges fly their guest into the Brooks River for fishing and bear viewing.

          Beads, flesh (mico & macro) and nymphs are good flies to have on hand as well as a good assortment of wooly buggers.

          Bristol Bay is never a bad choice this time of year and if in King Salmon you will still have silvers available.

          Good luck and have a great time.



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            I can personally recomend rainbow bend lodges which is is a do it yourself lodge on the nak, similar to georges opereration.



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