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    What is diff between necks, saddles and capes?

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    This thread from Flyfishing Magazine forums will answer most your questions...

    Read what "Gandolf" has to say. Good info.
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      Nice site. Thanks again...DB


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        The neck comes from the front of the bird (neck & chest). It has a wider variety of feather sizes - you get tiny little feathers from just under the beak (for your little dries) to larger feathers off the lower chest (for streamers, palmering hackle). They are more versatile (and typically more expensive).

        The saddle comes from the back of the bird. The feathers are typically more uniform in size, with some bigger feathers down towards where the tail would start. If you have a dry fly (higher grade) saddle, most of the feathers will be adequate for one range of sizes (a saddle may contain feathers mostly suitable for size 10 to 14). A lot of saddles have bigger, webbier feathers more suited to streamers and saltwater flies.

        A cape can refer to a neck or a saddle... it's just a large piece of skin with feathers still attached.

        Depending on the genetics of the bird, necks or saddles are available for dry flies, streamers, saltwater, etc. The vast majority of the capes you see come from roosters. Hen capes typically have softer, webbier, rounder feathers than rooster capes. They're usually used for wingtips and soft-hackle flies. And there are of course capes from other birds besides chickens... grouse, pheasant, junglecock, etc.
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