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  • Youth Fly rods

    I am looking to purchase a two fly rods for my kids who are 8 and 7. I just looked at the new journey rods by Ross. What do you guys think? This will be my first year fly fishing, so looking for all advice I can get

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    check out the echo gecko
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      Young kids should be expected to break what ever rod you buy. I say get something cheap and be sure not to be too hard on the kids when the inevitable happens. Might turn them off to fly fishing at a very early age.

      Cabelas has the "Cahill" model rod/reel/line combos for $49

      They should come with the two year replacement warranty that most Cabelas cheaper rods come with. They honor this and will replace the rod if it breaks. I have used this warranty before and had a new rod the same week.

      You can get two 8.5 foot four piece 5 weight rods with reels (that are prespooled with weight forward line) for a hundred bucks. Price is right and you could let them earn some cash working around the house for a replacement if their interest in flyfishing lasts longer than their first fly rod. A real possibility.

      Link below...

      You mention being new to fly fisihng? I got an instructional dvd when I started a few years back. Put out by Lefty Kreh, a fly fishing legend. This is an easy to follow dvd, not too dry like some of the others. Very personable guy and the dvd will be of great use to you and the kids in my opinion. I say get the two five weights above and the dvd below. That is $130 well spent if you ask me.

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        Cahill it is



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          youth fly rods

          I have a couple of Albright rods and could put a couple reels on them for $65 for both. I'm in Anchorage. PM if interested. They would be fine for trout, dolly and even pinks.



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            I found that when given a selection of rods my kiddo was pleased to have placed his hands on them and found a grip that fits. Not to mention the color too He loves them colorful wraps!

            I was pleased to get the cheaper rod choice for his "initial" fly rod outfit a few years back. He had a few tantrums on the river over a couple of season and yes--threw his rod down. Then it is him walking with it and that darn pole tip bouncing the ground just asking to be snapped.

            He has now graduated (he went several seasons on the cheaper rod) to a rod with a lifetime warranty.

            Enjoy giving then that choice


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              I ordered two of the youth Bridgestone waders from Albrights. They were running a promotion so I got a free fly rod with each set of breathable waders. Waders were $56 each, the boots I ordered were $35 each and the rods were free (I ordered 9' 2pc 5wt b/c no 4pc available). The rods aren't Sage or St Croix quality (Chinese construction), but the blanks seem easily as good as a Cahill. I got everything for around $200 with shipping. I think it was a timed promotion but they have them all the time. Keep an eye out or sign up for alerts at the website
              We'll see how the quality works out but should be good for small streams and lakes. Otherwise, keep an eye out on Craigslist or look at the Sportsmens show coming up.



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