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  • Alaska Flyfishing books (suggestions)

    I just got another order in from the forum store and it made me wonder....

    Do other forum members utilize this awesome resource?

    Just now, went to the forum store and under the "Fishing" section saw 106 books/maps/dvds about fishing Alaska available.

    I have got some great books from the forum store and each time have been impressed with the super fast shipping. From Anchorage to Cape Cod, Mass in three days!

    Winter time is the perfect time to read up and research things. I can't start to say how much I have learned from these books. Problem is, everytime I read a new book, I get ten ideas of places in Alaska I want to fish. So many rivers, so little money.

    Some of my very favorites are listed below....

    Gunnar Pederson, "Alaska Fishing" and "Fishing Alaska's Kenai River"

    Scott Haugen, "Flyfishers Guide to Alaska"

    Troy Letherman, "Topwater, Flyfishing Alaska..."

    Kelly Pinnell, "ABC's of Reading Alaska's Small Streams and Rivers"

    Larry Tulils, "Alaska Rainbows"

    Dave Achteson, "Fishing Alaska's Kenai Peninsula"

    Don Crane, "Floating Alaska"

    "Kenai Lake and Vicinity Map" (Upper Kenai River)

    Any other suggestions?

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    I always liked Tony Route's books

    also the Alaska Fly Fisher's Pattern Book is pretty sweet, it has a lot of good ideas for tying, I wore my copy out by the time I was 16

    I also have a copy of The Trout Fisherman's Bible from the 50s complete with a postwar photo of a dude hauling a 30 inch rainbow up the bluff at the sanctuary.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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