Arctic Char/dollies in NW Alaska (magazine article)



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  • Arctic Char/dollies in NW Alaska (magazine article)

    There is an article in the March 2009 Flyfisherman magazine about arctic char/dolly varden.

    They had some help from Walt Maslen of He rents rafts and other high quality gear in Kotzebue and is a nice guy. He is also an active forum member by the same name "Northwestalaska". I have talked with him many times when planning float trips up that way. He is very knowledgable and a great resource for anyone taking trips up that way.

    Anyway, below is a link to the article. If you get a copy at a bookstore, you will see my wife's picture in Walt's advertisement on page 47. She was proud of that 9 lb dolly. Anyway, a link to the article is below. Thought you may enjoy it. The Alaska part starts on page 3 of 6 in the below article.

    Below are a few nice dollies we have got up there. 9, 11, and 14 lbs respectively.

    The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.

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    Beautiful, classically colored dollies. Great pics with understandably proud fisherman. Thanks for the link to the article. (Could u imagine a 32 lb Dolly?) Break out the 10 wts!
    My wife once wk'd at a prominent Anch. fly shop and rubbed shoulders w. those in the business. She had the fortune to go fish the area you describe. We discussed the possibility of her catching the
    "whopper" and I spent a good deal of time explaining the amount of LUCK that also came into play. To make a long story short, she came home with the (registered) IGFA record for a dolly on 16 lb tippet. --15 lb 9oz fish!
    She claims she actually landed 2 that were bigger but they were not set up to record them.
    I learned in the early 80's to flyfish on dolly's on the river I now live on. They are a very active and acrobatic fish that will slam a streamer with much gusto when they first come into the rivers here. An ideal fish to teach new young flyfishers start with. Most often found in schools where many fish can be caught without so much as taking a step up or down river.
    I enjoy your posts.......keep it up and tight lines!


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