Russian River first good fishable time??



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  • Russian River first good fishable time??

    When does the fishing start to be worth the trip down from Anchorage? I've got a couple friends who just came up and we'd like to plan a trip down, but none of us know when the river starts to produce decent trout. ALso, what types of flies are prevalent that time period?

    Hopefully the water will be good by next month?

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    June, there's really nothing in there till may and once it unfreezes its way to high to wade let alone fish
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      It is closed from May 1 till June 11. I don't know when it is ice free enough to fish, but once it is open go for it. Just be careful on the ice shelves.
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        It can be fished in april. Ice shelves are touchy. The downside is this, The gates are still closed to get in just past the check in shack. It is a healthy walk up. If you do decide to go take a bike. Ride in and chain it to a tree. It will save you an hour each way.
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