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  • Beulah Platinum 1732 Spey Rod

    It's time for me to upgrade my 7 weight spey and wonder how the Platinum Series and the 7132 in particular compares to what I think is the gold standard in this class...the 7136 Z-Axis. I haven't even touched one yet, but wonder if anyone has given it a test drive? I love the Beulah Switch and can't wait to test cast this new offering. If it loads and casts similar to the Sage, I won't mind saving $225. I read it's suppose to load deeper and is lighter with new scrim, which should translate into a good Skagit caster. I like the asthetics of the Beulah too, but for pure value, the Echos are pretty nice.


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    buelahs are probably the sexiest rods I've ever cast
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      Beulah's new Platinums are indeed nice rods. They are some of the lightest two-handed rods that I have encountered, and the "fit and finish" of the platinum series is a step above their old rods. The action is slower than the 12'7" 7/8, but the rod loads very deeply without a lot of effort or grain-weight. I tried the whole group (5-6-7-) out a few weeks ago, and the 7 is definitely the workhorse of the bunch. Light in hand, easy casting with a 28.5' 480gr custom head, a weird combination of responsive yet forgiving, the 7 is a good first choice is the 6, though. Superlight, almost delicate, this rod reacts to the slightest change in grip pressure throughout the stroke. 380gr @ 32' in a scandi configuration moved this rod nicely, but in a casting-pond setup, it seemed to want about 20 more grains and about 3 more feet. Nevertheless, this rod is an effortless underhand rod, perfect for summer-runs in the Columbia basin or trout on the Kenai.

      Can't go wrong with a Beulah rod, and James & Margaret are great folks.


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