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  • cover lots of water, or fish less harder

    i just want to get some opinions on different plans of attack when it comes to fishing bows and dollies. i for one feel that there are enough fish in the river, that if i can't get one to take within the first say 10 good drifts that its time to move on, or change flies. i have a friend that is every bit as passionate as i am about fishing, and he will work a hole over for hours when he believes there is a fish in it. i like to cover alot of ground, my theory being that i'll fish two or three times the water he will, and pick up the more aggressive fish. whenever he finds "fishy" water and has no takers, he just says that he hasn't gotten the perfect drift yet, and when he does the fish will hit. whats your opinion? hopefully i'll open up a "can of worms" here.

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    We are kind of in the middle between you and your buddy. I think it depends on the river your fishing too. We are upper kenai fisher folks. When we pull into an area and park we usually walk up the bar to the top of the drift. We will start fishing there and fish a spot for a few minutes. We slowly work our way down. Some of the bars take and hour to work the whole thing. If we have done well over the working of the bar when we hit the end of it we stop for a few minutes. Have a snack, a cold one, share a laugh and will hit it again. If it was not productive at all we will change up beads, or flies and try it again. If nothing much is happening after the 2nd drift we will regroup and float down to the next hole.

    Now there are a few places on the upper where I can see the fish. especially late in the fall when they are munching on carcass piles. When I see 20-25 bows and dollies working them, I will hang out longer and work it pretty hard. As with fishing anywhere, Every day and every hole is different than the day before. Weather, water, and attitude does help determine the days plan of attack. Just my .02 worth
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      Hmmm. I know that once we started floating rivers and as a result started covering a lot more water our success rate went way up. I am now a firm believer in working a hole for 10-20 casts and a couple of flies and then moving on. Also you get to know a river, and the good spots. If a particular place is not hitting and you know you have covered it, well it's time to move on.
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        for me it all depends. If I'm fishing kings and I know they are there, I'll keep hammering away. Or how much confidence I have in a place or a rig....If I don't I wont hesitate to move on. If I do I'll usually fish it pretty hard. Reality is I fish to much as it is....


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          I think the guy walking around will tend to work a hole longer. The guy in a raft/boat will spend less time before moving on. Chalk it up to lazziness (and personality of course). Some people are just stubborn. One thing I have found to be true with dollies, most people don't fish deep enough. For bows, I can't say, Chuck will teach me how it is done in Sept
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            Agree that the guy on foot is more likely to work a hole longer. However I have found that even my on foot fishing is more mobile now that I have discovered better success by covering more water. So even hiking I cover a lot more ground than in the past. Of course there are still those guys that walk up to a hole that I dredged for an hour with nothing and proceed to just hammer them as I sit there crying!
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              I catch more fish moving than not moving, but that's in places that all the fish are spooked. Sometimes I'll work a big fish but often not.
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                I think it's true, best not to waste time on unproductive water, but

                specific best strategy seems to depend on many variables. Your "schedule" that day is one. Some guys also "see" fish, or fish signs (rises, boils, a flash below the surface) - which changes everything. Some have a better read on where fish are likely to be.
                You can miss fish dawdling. You can miss fish hurrying.

                Kelly Pinnell (ABCs of Reading Alaska's Small Rivers and Streams) wrote, "I got a hit after 10 or so casts". He was casting to a specific fish, which saves time in the long run.

                So for, "...different plans of attack when it comes to fishing bows and dollies..." - makes sense to spend some time developing several tactics.
                Good luck this season.
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                  the more you move, the more you catch......for the most part...
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                    I like to fish for aggressive (easy) fish. So I will move frequently most of the time. There are times that I will work a "fishy" hole for a while just to see if I can pull something out and there are times I just want to catch a certain fish but more often than not, make a few cast and move. As I was told many moons ago "your first cast is your best cast".


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                      Find the pattern, then fish the pattern (until it changes). 10% of the water holds 90% of the fish. Unless you are where we talked last, then 5 % of the water holds ALL the fish.

                      I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
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                        Can of Worms LOL

                        Interesting take on a subject.

                        Being that for the most part Bows and Dollies for the most part on most stream systems tend to be highly migratory from Spring to Fall spawning, egg drop etc..... the method should be realitve to the cause i.e. fishing with a purpose.

                        That being said there is fishing and then there is catching. Lots of people fish a lot of the time, and some people go catching some of the time. Those that are into catching more than fihsing IMO tend to work more water than those who just like to go fishing.

                        That is not to say one always leads to the other just that some people fish with a purpose and some people do it for sheer enjoyment or tatical hunting of the sport.

                        Example: some times someone I know spends an hour fishing to a single fish for reasons only known to him such as it is athe biggest fish, or has been hard to hook etc.., becuase someone I know thinks he knows more than he does and feels hunting a particaulr fish is more rewarding and more of a challange then lets say catching 20 fish if in fact the one fish has been difficult to catch. I know the guy and trust me he is sick!

                        Any Who no particular style of fishing or for that fact catching is better just different nor is any of it time better spent than catching or fishing.

                        Bottom Line: Fishing with a purpose is a more aggressive style and that normally tends to be faster hitting and more action packed fishing the most product water i.e. holding areas, feeding zones, or egg drop behind kings, or Smolt out areas near lakes etc... IMO this type of fishing normally leads to more catching. Sticking to one area of one hole when the migratory fish are slow on the take normally ends up being a very long day of fishing and not ctaching however to each their own both are fun and are worth the effort.

                        You know I have a way of typing absolutely nothing some times ;-) Sorry!

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                          Like the Blue Moose says..... You'll catch more fish if u cover more ground!


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                            Originally posted by cod View Post
                            Like the Blue Moose says..... You'll catch more fish if u cover more ground!


                            7th post in a year??

                            Man of few words.

                            These are usually the best ones to take advice from
                            The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.


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                              Ironically, my wife talks....alot.


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