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    I'm taking my brother and his sons to the Situk for some steelhead fishing in this May, I've fished it before with a flyrod and flies but never with hardware, any suggestions on gear for a casting brother? Also what is the hour float time without fishing?

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    yarn flies, rag, small spinners like #3 vibrax work on the flats, jig float combo, wiggle wart type plugs if you want to try that, beads, corkies, and about anything that works for steelhead in any other river.
    It is about 12 river miles total but the timing just depends. During shallow water times you might have to drag the boat thru the shallow spots for example. I would guess that at least 5 hours if you float straight thru without fishing but I have never done it that way so do not take my "guess" for more than it is. We have always stayed at one of the cabins or camped out for a night or two along the way.


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      Jedimaster and I floated it twice. I honestly didn't pay attention how long it took us. Sorry.

      As far as casting gear, we brought a couple of Abu's and Lamiglas rods as back up and in the event that our arms got tired from fly fishing. I had success on simply tying a glo bug on the end of the line and throwing a weight between 20 and 24" above it. Drift and repeat. We've caught a "few" that way.
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