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    Becuase there has been so much discussion on the subject here is a reasonable deal on a quaility reel directly from Waterworks. Basically 30 % off which ain't bad!

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    The 1st generation Hard Alox reels on closeout can also be found online for about $30 less than at the Waterworks/Lamson website. There is one store selling at the factory price, but including free backing and fly line. I called the factory yesterday and was told they are still producing 1st gen Velocities to fill current orders because the sale price response has been so strong. I bought 2 yesterday and 3 more today I can't wait to load the V4 with Slick Shooter and a Skagit shooting head on my 7/8 Spey. Dang they are light though; might have to add lead tape to balance the rod.


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