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  • One more Heckman question... for now

    (Warning: this next question comes from someone who has very little experience with bears, and has watched too many "man eaten by bear" shows on Discovery Channel)

    I've done a ton of reading about how to avoid being munched on by a bear, have bought my bear spray, and am trying to figure out how to get a bear banger from Canada.

    I'll be at Heckman Lake in late July and will be fishing solo, as my wife and 1 year old daughter don't have much interest in watching me cast... is it stupid to fish alone on the streams? Should I stay near the lake... or on the boat in the lake?

    Again, any and all advice is welcome... and thanks to the folks who responded to my last question about Heckman

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    Are there bears around Heckman? Of course there are. Are they lurking around every tree ready to pounce on you? Nope! Could you run into a bear/bears? Yep!

    Just use common sense and make some noise so you don't surprise them as you move about. If it makes you feel more comfortable buy some bear spray then go out and enjoy your trip and fish all the areas.

    Have fun.

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      Are there Brownies down there?

      I think all you gotta worry about is the black bears and they are pretty spooky, you just gotta make noise and not leave food out cause they will get into that when you are sleeping.
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        Most of the bears usually are farther down the Naha. I would imagine there will be a few around. They won't bother you if you don't bother them. Like kingfisher said they aren't ninja-ing around ready to jump out and gobble you up.

        If you do mace one.. be sure to check the wind first. You think peeing into the wind is bad, bear mace into the wind is just plain painful. Quite frankly I'd rather get eaten than try and mace a bear upwind of me.

        BTW if a bear decided he REALLY REALLY REALLY just had to eat you, sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake isn't going to stop him/her. Blackies swim really well. Faster than you can row I'd wager (unless you're an olympic skulling champ).


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          I've spent a few days in that area, probably around 30-35. I've seen bear and deer every trip but 1. The blackies run and scamper. I've never had any problems from any blackies in the area aside from their lack of posing for photos. When the time get's closer, shoot me a pm. I'll send you a few flies that I tied specifically for the outflow. I love that fishery. The outflow gives you the opportunity to fish right below the "mini-falls". There are a pair of deep holes, separated in the middle. There's a big rock that you can use as a focus point or fish from. This spot is worth an hour every day. Heading downstream about 600yards, the river makes a turn to the left (facing downstream). The hole here is very deep. I've climbed the bank many times after fishing and practiced cannonballs or dives. The hole is at least 15 feet deep and holds some nice big trout in the early evening (9-10PM). It's the only spot on the river where I would use a sink tip at all. Heading down all the way to the bridge, there are some great sweepers and awesome spots that hold cutt's and nice bows.

          I love the fishing in the area. I may come down around the same time, depending on when we go to the island in Canada. If you need to stay somewhere in KTN prior to flying out, I recommend It's my mom's place so I'm partial.

          If I can answer any other questions, feel free to PM.

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            Thanks for taking the time to respond to my Heckman "bear" question. It's good to know there aren't any ninja bears out there... and that i need to make sure I don't spray bear mace into the wind... all very useful information.



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