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  • Heckman Lake

    I will be flying into Heckman lake near Ketchikan from July 28-31 and would love some advice on... well just about anything that will help me catch fish. I saw on a thread last night a suggested book: Haugen's Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska, and ordered it last night. So, I think I'm covered in terms of reading material.

    Any suggestions on what types of flies to fish with... wooly buggers... etc?

    My plan is to fish in the lake and the streams that feed Heckman and Jordan lakes

    Thanks for any and all advice

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    You're hitting it at a great time of the year when all the flying critters are out and about. I especially liked fishing the inlet with different dry flies, elk hair in tan and light green did very well as well as did a number of other different dry's.

    I fished the outlet down maybe a mile and did well with the dry flies but also did well with dark leeches.

    Have fun.

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      Cutts are suckers for bright wet flies
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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        Pancake batter

        Dry flies in almost any shade of green have worked well for me before. Purple and chartreuse leaches have worked well. A wide variety of beadheads from stoneflys to beadhead woolies. And of course.. the royal coachman.

        Should be a good time. Im jealous.


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