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  • I've narrowed it down.

    So I've been surfing through all sorts of sights, and past posts trying to decide on what flies I want to start tying for my late august trip to the KP for trout/dollies, silvers, and hopefully some early steelhead. This is what I've come up with, but I still need all your help. I think I've pretty much nailed the trout, but I'm still not exactly sure for the silvers and steelhead.

    eggs patterns (beads mainly)
    wolly buggers/egg sucking leeches
    flesh patterns
    Dolly llamas
    Possible mice patterns

    bunny leeches (pink, chartreuse)
    fry patterns (mickey finn)

    Bright colored leeches
    Soft hackles

    Am I on the right track or am I out in left field? Any info about what you've had success with would be a real help. Thanks in advance.

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    Your doing just fine on the trout. You pretty well have it covered.

    Silvers like them ESL's also and bright shiny streamers also.

    Id get in contact with Drifter016 and AK powder to check on the best steelie stuff. i always bumm someone else's flies for them
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      For trout, i wouldn't spend a whole lot of time tying up too many flies, I doubt you can tie anything that will produce better than beads at that time of year. For silvers, I would add marabou Popsicles in different color combinations. A pink and purple popsicle is usually my go to fly for both silvers and chums. You are definitely on the right track.

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        I'd reccomend nymphs
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          I fish nothing but nymphs here at home, but I haven't heard much from anyone about using them in Alaska. I think I did hear about the stonefly nymphs. What nymphs and sizes would you recommend. That would be great to fish how I'm used to. It just seems everyone uses nothing but streamers.


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            Clouser minnows work awesome in kodiak for silvers. Dark green and white with some silver, chart/white and pink/white, big eye balls on most silver flies for me.


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              Clousers and Buggers

              Second the Clouser works great.

              I fish Silvers with Olive and Black bead head woolley Buggers! Sorry no fan fair and or fancy flies they work and are easy to tie as well as a proven for catching trout.

              That is not to say sometimes they do not require a little flash just that standard fishing I seem to have found start with simple and if does not work try fancy feast just not always required.



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                Here is a pic of my mostly complete silver box - although I haven't fished Kodiak, they have worked almost everywhere else I've fished in AK.

                Clousers and Buggers in various colors are great when, on rare occasion, I'm not fishing something pink. In addition to black, I've had tremendous success with white, or white and something else fairly "soft."

                Good luck...

                Click image for larger version

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                  Originally posted by RandallT View Post

                  Bright colored leeches
                  Soft hackles

                  Am I on the right track or am I out in left field? Any info about what you've had success with would be a real help. Thanks in advance.
                  I'd recommend that you use glo-bugs for Metalheads. Jerry Garcia colors work best. Everytime that I've went down to the Situk to fish for Steelies, I've caught them on glo-bugs.
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