Are multiple flies legal in Alaska?



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  • Are multiple flies legal in Alaska?

    Ok, so last night I was reading a book and they were telling how to rig your leader with multiple flies. Then the author said that this is not legal in some states, like Alaska. I checked the regs and I can not find it. I assume he means in flyfishing only waters. There I understand that only one hook is allowed. But if I am in an area that allows multiple hooks can I fish multiple flies?
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    Well it is all gonna depend. It will depend on the stream, the time of the year, what species your chasing etc etc. I know the upper kenai is a single hook area only. Alot of the streams on the peninsula are single hook only especially for trouts. It will be interesting to see the responses here. When in doubt call F&G
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      Straight from the regs - page 4

      Sport fishing gear:
      Unless otherwise provided in the regulations, sport fishing may be conducted only by use of a single line attached to not more than one plug, spoon, spinner, or series of spinners, or two flies, or two hooks.

      Gear for fly-fishing-only waters:
      In waters designated as fly-fishing-only waters, sport fishing is permitted only as follows: (1) with not more than one unweighted, single-hook fly with gap between point and shank of ⅜ inch or less; and (2) weights may only be used 18 inches or more ahead of the fly. 3) Beads not attached to the fly are not allowed.

      fly-fishing only water - 1 fly

      elsewhere - 2 flies

      Good questions garnede. I had wondered that myself before so it was good motivation to look it up.

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        Thanks, I figured that was the case but I did not have a fishing regulation booklet handy and I could not find the section that defined it on the website. But is did find that an unweighted fly is a fly that does not weigh more than 1/4 ounce.
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          in general 2 flies are legal in Alaska here are the exceptions:

          -Fly Fishing Only Waters
          (ie russian river, some bristol bay areas)
          -Waters open to "one single hook artifical lures only"
          (Upper Kenai river, Anchor River during steelhead season, parks highway streams)

          note that "single hook artifical lures only" areas you can use droppers so most of bristol bay, the situk river, and some other areas are like this if the word "one" is not in the reg

          also I don't think I have single fly that weighs more than a quarter oz, even my most heavily weighted ones, dry weight anyway... its a funny rule...
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