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  • Wading Jacket?

    I'm looking to get a new wading jacket this winter. What do you guys use, and why do you like the jacket you are using? I've read all the reviews, from Cabelas to Simms. I was wondering if my fellow fisherman on here can give me some better "local" reviews as to why you think one particular coat stands out above the rest. I know you can divide it into "How much are you willing to spend" category, but I'm just looking for an all around good wading jacket, and basically what you use and why. Thanks in advance for any replies/input anybody gives me.

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    If you are into spending a bunch of money for a really good coat the patagoochi one is really a great piece of gear.

    I have a cloudveil crystal creek jacket which sadly they don't make anymore, if you can find one on a closeout somewhere I'd highly reccomend it, paclite gortex is sweet and there are pockets in all the right places
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      I bought the simms guidejacket this winter and I think i'll like it a lot. I've used a friends before and its nice. Has plenty of pockets for my gear for the day. Has one pocket in the back too I think. Its goretex of course. It might be a little hot to wear on a nice day, but im normaly in my t-shirt if its that nice anyway. Its way too expensive though, thats the downside. It should last a long time and pay for itself.


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        Originally posted by griff View Post
        I bought the simms guidejacket this winter and I think i'll like it a lot. I've used a friends before and its nice. Has plenty of pockets for my gear for the day. Has one pocket in the back too I think. Its goretex of course. It might be a little hot to wear on a nice day, but im normaly in my t-shirt if its that nice anyway. Its way too expensive though, thats the downside. It should last a long time and pay for itself.
        I think you will love your Simms Guide Jacket. I hope you got it on sale! I've seen them several places for $199. I wore mine during a very long day on the water in a pontoon boat when it was raining very hard. I was completely dry and comfortable in the Guide Jacket. It was great because the fish were very active!


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          Orivs Super Sale

          You might want to check out the Orvis real quick. I just received their sales flyer on Sat and they have up to 50% off their Guide model.

          I would rate along with the SIMMS and the Pat.

          Down to $119.00 from $249.00


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            Patagonia SST

            I've been using the Patagonia SST for 8 or 9 years and it is still dependable. It was expensive then (I think I paid $375 for it) but if you get a decade out of a coat, I think it's worth the money. I don't think they make this model anymore, but something similar. I am considering trying one of Cabelas high-end jackets in a couple of years when this one finally goes. I have friends who have their breathable waders and they seem to be top-notch, for a reasonable price. As far as pockets go, it needs to have enough tippet pockets, fly box pockets and etc. but you'll get used to whatever configuration the coat has.

            One thing I really like about the SST is the hood. The hood is adjustable and I'm not sure exactly why, (the technical reason) but after the first couple of days getting it adjusted, it just stays perfectly in place on my head with or without a hat. I've had many rain jackets before that I was constantly fighting the hood to keep it out of my eyes or on my head. This one is well-designed, doesn't budge in the stiffest wind. In fact, I have forgotten it was there many times after the sun came out


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              Wadin Jacket

              The Simms Guide for $199 would be hard to beat. If you want to spend a bit less I would recommend the Tundra Tech extreme guide jacket by Dry Angler. I have had one for about a year and it is great. Beats any of the cabelas and llbean jackets that I have had. I did not like the cabelas because they have a nylon liner. The liner will get wet with sweat and is harder to dry out, and is a pain to put on when your hands are wet. You can usually get a discount code for Dy Angler as well. Try typing in FFIM, should get you 10%-15% off. Again for a jacket you want just a shell, not lined with anything.


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                I don't know about the Patagucci SST but I had the Deep Wading Jacket, it was alright for two years but eventually it lets water in pretty's just too thin. Plus, it's got a slick lining on the inside so if you sweat at all it rains inside....breathable my sweet bahookie. I now have a simm guide g3 guide jacket and absolutely love it. If you can get it for less than the ridiculous sticker price, do it. I think any goretex based wading jacket will do what you want it to do. I just don't trust the knockoff breathables.


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                  I agree with not trusting the knockoffs when it comes to wader, ( I still have wet feet to prove it I think) but my tundra tech jacket has outperformed 3 previous goretex jackets that I have had. If money was no object I would definitley go Simms all the way, but 1 week camping out on the Situk in the spring and a week in the fall in Katmai with many other days in between, my jacket has been great. No leaks, water beads off, its just a shell so it breaths better. To each his own, but for $135 shipped I could buy three of them for one G3 coat. I spoke with the owner and he said he does alot of business with guides up here, and promised he would stand by his product.


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                    Lotta good choices...

                    Cabelas wasn't bad in my experience. Didn't leak rain, but sometimes hiking a lot it got warm - wet from inside.

                    Simms stuff is bombproof.

                    Patagonia SST mentioned has been good to me - bit lighter than Simms for those warmer days. Packs smaller for those drier days. Versatile.

                    Go try some on. If you hike a lot when fishing, look for lighter construction, ventilation, pit zips maybe. Yikes - SST is spendier now!
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                      I just got my first chance the other day to put my new cabelas gore-tex wading jacket to use. It came down for a good 4 hours straight, and I was as comfortable as if it wasn't raining. I was really impressed with it. I really like the neoprene hand cuffs w/ the thumbholes. I thought they would annopy me after awhile, but I didn't even feel them. The best part of it all was the price I got. I found mine tucked away with a different less expensive jacket, and they had misprinted the tag, so I ended up only paying 95$. Can't beat that.


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                        End of season sales...

                        This prob doesn't help you now, but I looked at what that SST costs now and wondered, how does a guy get this kind of gear anymore at these prices?

                        One Fall in Kodiak we saw a rack of great jackets on sale- moving inventory as the season started to wind down. End of season sales can be the best chance for prime gear. One guy in our group purchased a new SST for about $200 off as I recall. Also, a buddy has good luck with craigslist/alaska for deals.

                        Whether Simms, Patagonia or other top gear, some of the jackets mentioned in this thread will likely last you a long time - worth some jockeying to own for years of trouble-free use.

                        Best of luck this season.
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                          I love my Redington. Dennis and I have the same one.
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                            Here is the Cabelas jacket I got about 4 years ago, and still use. At the time I bought it for $70 and it's been worth it's weight in gold since. The only liner it has is a lightweight mesh type fabric, think swim-trunks with the built in underwear Spent a lot of time fishing in the rain with the jacket, hang it under the screen tent at night and it's good to go again in the morning. Water just beads off it, lightweight enough to hike in without sweating to death, holds a couple fly boxes, and has some d-rings to attach things to. For $80 you can't go wrong IMO, I have a hard time spending $150+ on a dang jacket for fishing....that's gas money for the boat!


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                              Any decision yet BigCox (LMAO)? I really like the new G4 but MAN that thing is the price of a small automobile! Maybe one day. The Cabelas jackets look pretty nice I'm off to peep the Patagonias. Can't wait to get back up there for awhile this summer. You and TSS need to mentor me on fly fishing the Clearwater for some Graylings...

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