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  • Fly boxes and inserts system

    Hey guys, last spring I came up with all the materials and a simple design for doing fly boxes and removable inserts for them. I got tired of carrying caddis all winter because my eggs and midges were in the same box, and I didn't want to have 10 fly boxes becaue I know I would forget the one that I needed.

    I looked and looked at the C&F and Scientific Angler options for these, and the cost was just out of my range, minimum $200 for a few boxes, inserts, and a big container to put unused inserts into. I knew there had to be a good way to do this without spending all that money, and I set out last spring to do just that.

    I finished the system last spring and have used it for a full year now. It costed me about $30-$40 and I have enough materials to make many more than I'll need. After a year of fishing every single weekend and sometimes multiple times a week, the stuff is holding together very strong, I've had no problems, and no complaints at all.

    On another fishing forum I put a cool post with pictures detailing how I did every step, I thought some of you guys on here might enjoy it, use it, or come up with your own ideas to make it better. So I posted it in the Make It Yourself section, here's a link to the thread....

    Hope you find it useful.

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    Thanks For Sharing Phil

    That's way cool! Thanks for sharing!



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      Thanks For Sharing

      That is a great idea, swapping out the foam inserts instead of pulling the flies one by one. I would be worried about losing the box that holds the inserts when you are not using them. I guess its all in the responsibility of the fisherman, but there are always thieves.

      Great Post!

      Fish On!

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        wow great post, thanks. I'm with you, i just cant justify spending $200+ on a fly box :S THat might have to be a winter project for me when I get the chance.


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          Thanks for the post Phil! I'm very impressed. That's what I call thinking green (as in saving some green ).

          I've actually been giving some thought to how to revamp some old fly boxes with worn out foam. I hadn't considered removable inserts, but I think I may have to run with your idea. Thanks for sharing!
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            you can buy slit foam from feather craft for something like this.

            For me the major advantage of the newer more expensive boxes is the slit foam, I ony have one box that I use regularly that has normal foam, the rest are all slit foam or compartment or clip. I'm looking to replace that box soon with a cliffs super days worth or a cf compartment/streamer box (its my egg and flesh box)
            I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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              Another guy I know took what I had done and made the slit foam style. I like shoving the hook into the foam, it just makes me more comfortable that my flies are staying put while hiking, rafting, falling over, the usual

              I checked out those slotted/slit foam ones and even though the fly shop guy showed me they hold solid, I just wasn't sold.

              Powder_monkey, I have a small Cliff's box, magnet on one side, I'll have to look but it might be slit foam on the other, it's a smaller one, if you want it let me know as I don't have any use for it.


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                sure I'll take it, sounds like you got the days worth, decent box no slit foam though, I do really like their designs. Try the slit foam, you'll like it for big stuff like wooly buggers and flesh flies, my flies never stayed put in ripple foam after about a week of taking out and replacing flies


                prebacked with adhesives for your box system...
                I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                  I really like the C&F Design slit foam. They are expensive, but they are on sale some places right now. The small box with the flip out will hold a whole lot of flies. I looked at the new Scientific Anglers boxes that are similar, but I don't think I like them as well.

                  I put velcro on my small C&F inserts and use them in my Fishpond vests because I like them better than the Fishpond fly holders.

                  For articulated streamers I like some plastic boxes that Orvis sells:

                  They fit great in a vertical vest and in a pontoon boat or float tube compartment.

                  My son doesn't fly fish, but when he comes up we fish together and these boxes also work great for his lures such as pixies.


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                    Originally posted by Arctic Grayling View Post
                    I put velcro on my small C&F inserts and use them in my Fishpond vests because I like them better than the Fishpond fly holders.
                    Good call!
                    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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