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  • Ready to explode!

    Fellows (and ladies), I am a mere 5 days away from a life long desire – a trip to Kenai to float a few rivers for Dolly’s and Rainbows. I can’t sleep. I can’t focus at work. I am ready to explode with excitement!

    Question for you all… Is there a lake or river within 2 hours drive of the town of Kenai that holds arctic grayling? I would love to add this to the list of pictures that I get at the trip, however, I am not sure that these critters are that far south in Alaska. I have a free day and a half to look for a grayling.

    Do you know of a lake or river that has a population of Grayling?

    Please let me know and thanks in advance.


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    Grayling Fishing

    There are Several lakes, Crecent near Cooper Landing and Carter on the way to Seward
    e-mail me


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      Crescent has some BIG grayling

      It's a nice (easy) 5 mile or so hike........easy easy trail although it's uphill most of the way

      I've never fished them this late in the year but.......some nice big grayling up there and it's a cool hike.....take your binocs and you could spot a bear along the way


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        Great info from all. Thanks boys. When I get back to the lower 48, I will let you all know how I did.

        I appreciated the emails. I owe you all one.



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