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  • Lots of cool stream insect pictures

    After more than 20 months of no updates on Troutnut.com, I'm very very happy to FINALLY release the new version!


    I've done several all-nighters photographing mayflies and other trout stream bugs over the last two seasons, and all those pictures are up on the new site. I'm using a really cool camera setup, so the pictures are a LOT better than anything on the old site.

    Starting next year I'm going to have some Alaska-specific species, too, since I'll be in Fairbanks for grad school a year from now. I visited this winter and took some neat scenery pictures around the Chena which are up on the new site as well.

    I also spent about a month writing up the useful-for-hatch-matching behavioral details of every major American hatch and hundreds of not-so-major ones. Check out the Hex hatch, Isonchia, or White Flies for starters, or my personal favorite unsung hatch, the really cool Baetisca mayflies.

    Here are some shrunken sample pics:

    An Isonychia bicolor Nymph:

    An Isoperla (Yellow Sally) Stonefly:

    A Hellgrammite:

    I've also added hundreds of new stream scenery photos like this one from the Chena this February:

    I'm breathing a HUGE sigh of relief now that I've got this online, but I'm going to keep working on it full-time. It's just nice to have something more to show for it than, "It's coming! No, really! It is! In a month... no, now in a month... well, maybe in another month..." Apologies to all who were disappointed by my optimistic release date guesses! Hopefully you'll agree it was worth it.

    Let me know if anything on the site malfunctions. I had the help of several very good testers (like Taxon from Fly Fishing Entomology) but it still hasn't been tested under a high volume of traffic.
    http://www.troutnut.com -- Fly fishing photos & insect hatch encyclopedia.
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    Cool site...for trout bug-prey information...

    The video clips of prey nymphs are unusual... interesting to see the movement...
    Informative... and the copyright is current.
    Wonder if it's still active.
    No habitat, no hunter.


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      In '77 I collected three new species of mayflies on the Russian River which were named by a friend doing his MS research on mayflies during spruce bud worm spraying in NE OR... Bet there are tons more out there.


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