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  • Quartz Creek Questions !

    I will be fishing there 8/3-8/9. Can you give me some general tips for fishing the creek. I,ve been told that there is a trail along the creek. Is this a fairly well established trail ? Is there better fishing down the trail to the lake or up the trail from the bridge ? Is any time of day better than another ? Any help will be appreciated. Dave Redding

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    I am actually heading down there this very hour. I have fished the creek for a couple of years now and find that its characteristics change very suddenly -- esp. given the weather. I expect the river to be blown up/out and at the flood stage. Probably won't waste too much time. The fishing for dolleys is typically spectacular, with the occasional bow. I don't expect it to be that good this weekend but maybe when you go the water will have gone down.

    But to answer your questions:
    Time of day: I always do better in the morning (early) and its pretty consistent till 11 - depending on the weather. (If its sunny then they seem to not hit as much in the noonish hours.) On overcast days its pretty consistent all day. But you should not stay in one place for more than 5-10 fish, they catch on.

    Best is to go to the Federal campground (its on the way back to the trail to the lake). Go to the day parking lot. From there you will find a trail to your right. Follow it as long as you want and then cut in to your left at any given section of the creek. Hit the creek and wade back to the bridge. (This would be my advice on a typical water level -- i.e., one you could wade the entire creek. As things stand as of today, I think you will probably not be able to wade back to the bridge).

    Fishing location:
    Fishing up from the bridge is always better for me. I have heard of some decent hookups witht he bows at the mouth. I've never fished it.


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      Thanks akunited ! Good Luck !


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        Quartz is preatty blown out right now. water murky. You want some sick rainbow action hit the Russian. Park at the falls lot and hike in. Then just fish the river down. I caught easily 25 rainbows today in about 6 hours! 3 over 20"! Egg colors and fleshies! I have a wicked tip for you, but it will have to come in a PM!


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          I see someone else actually fishes the upper russian, i've never seen another person fishing up there. I always fish lake to lake.


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