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Flyfishing up the Valley Friday....

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  • Flyfishing up the Valley Friday....

    Kings are dropping eggs now in the valley streams off the Big Su. Spent several hours Friday up there bouncing beads down the river and caught and released about 20 rainbows...up to 23 inches. Lost one that was probably in the high 20's....jumped and threw the bead back in my face. I seemed to be doing better with fluorocarbon leader then the guys I was with who were using mono. Was a great time although it got very hot in those waders when the temp got in the high 70's. Here's a couple of pics....hope I upload them right.
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    Where were you?

    From the color of the fish I assume you were at Montana Creek, correct? The fish tend to be a darker shade of green there. I hit up the Willow on Saturday (mixed results-- couple of grayling one nice bow, on 3-4 in flesh flies) then Montana Creek on Sunday (couple of nice bows, on beads). I also tried out Peter's Creek up by the Forks Roadhouse (no luck).


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      Yes...they were on Montana...have not fished the valley streams long enough to know the differences in coloration.....very impressed.


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        What pound tippet were you using?


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          I went back and forth between 10 and 12 lbs flurocarbon....


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