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  • Haul road fishing

    I am headed to the haul road for caribou. If it is slow hunting I thought I might wet my fly line in the Sag River? What can I expect to hit the fly? Grayling maybe? I heard possibly Char. Any advice for flies? I have quite a few flies collected, but did most of my fishing in Montana & Idaho before moving to Alaska. Any advice, strategies appreciated...

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    last year i caught a bunch of grayling in a hour or so, a bunch of smaller ones and a few decent ones, the biggest was around 16" or so, i caught some on a griffins gnat and a few with a egg pattern, i heard about the char but didnt catch any but i didnt try to hard either


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      If the Sag is running clear you might find a few late sea-run char but the bulk of the run is in late July. If they're there, sculpins and leech patterns.
      Almost all of the smaller tundra streams and most of the lakes and the bigger ponds have grayling. Pretty big ones too as they get little pressure and even less are kept. Bead head flys--Ribbed Hares Ear, Pheasant Tails and Zug Bugs. In case you camp on a lake such as Toolik or Galbraith think about bringing a spinning rod and some bait. There are burbot up here too and they make a nice meal. Lob it out there before you go to bed and see what turns up. (don't forget the butter)
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        Thanks for the info...

        I just returned...after I shot my caribou I fished for the grayling and did real well. I used a parachute adams and a hairs ear beadhead dropper (it was already on my line from the last time I fished) I had a blast !!! those Grayling are fighters.


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