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Setting Up A Switch Rod

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  • Setting Up A Switch Rod

    Hey all,

    I'm going to be in the Wasilla, Anchorage, Kenai area the third week of August and I decided I wanted to build a fly rod for the trip. I've got an 11 foot 9wt switch rod on the bench but I could use some advice on what lines to choose.

    I know at that time of year it's mainly Silvers, but it's a rod I'll probably end up using for a bit of everything up there over multiple trips. I'm planning on having at least 2 different spools but I'm really not sure what lines are recommended. I was thinking a skagit setup for sinking tips on one spool and a floating setup on another spool.

    Does anybody have any advice on how they like to setup a rod for this use or what lines have worked well for them?

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    I like the Rio Switch line. If the rod is a med/fast to fast action, I would bump it up to 10wt line.


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