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Homer or Seldovia?

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  • Homer or Seldovia?

    I am planning to stay at Homer area for three days the first week of August and am bringing my 12 year old daughter who loves to fish. I am curious whether I should concentrate on the Anchor River or perhaps try Seldovia River or even Humpy Creek which may have less pressure and more fish. Is it worth the additional time and expense to make an excursion or should I concentrate on the Anchor for pinks, dollies and possibly a silver? Any thoughts or information is much appreciated.

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    I think the Anchor R would be your best option. Both Seldovia R and Humpy Creek are remote, you need a boat or aircraft to access, then you have to deal with the tides.There would be pinks, chums, and dollies, but no silvers in those systems in early August, unlike the Anchor, which may have a few. If you are willing to camp out for those few days across Kachemak Bay, Humpy and Seldivia are both nice little rivers, and don't see many people.


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      Ninilchik River would be a better option than the Anchor for that time frame.....for a once in a lifetime, world-class experience, hike in to Rocky River...
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        It might be easier to keep the 12 year old entertained in Homer during the times you aren't fishing.
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