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  • Which Fly Box Is Best

    I Am New To Fly Fishing And Am In Need Of Some Good Quality Fly Boxes. I Wanted To Ask If Anyone Had Any Suggestions. Most Of My Flies Are From 2/0-4. I Saw Some C & F Boxes. They Are Pricey. I Wanted To Ask Around Before I Bought Any. Thanks.
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    2 cents: I would rather spend money on fly lines for salmon fishing. I use two different types of fly boxes: (1) the least expensive one from Walmart, like $5; not bad at all; (2) Orvis rust-free (yellow) fly box, like $10; they work.

    Sorry for not really helping. You may be right; a high quality fly box can be a valuable investment.


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      I like the clear Plano fly boxes. And they are fairly inexpensive ($5-$8) depending on the size (S/M/L).


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        Clear Plano box, that is the one that I bought at Walmart.


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          Think of size

          I agree with AK and Sketch - One thing to consider is size. Yes - size matters. Get them to fit your fishing shirt or vest front pockets so they are handy. To big and you have to put them in your day pack, get out of the water to get to them etc. Just a thought.


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            I like the C&F box's myself. They make a variety of different sizes and designs. The ones that have the changeable card file system are pretty cool because you don't have to have but one or two box's and a bunch of different file cards with fly's for different circumstances.
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