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September trout fishing

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  • September trout fishing

    I am coming to the Kenai area on sep 10th for a moose hunt. Unit 15A. If successful early enough I would love to fish for Bows. I might end up back in Anchorage after hunt. I am a very seasoned fly fisher so river size, technique wont be an issue. Just need areas and patterns. Is that to late for mice patterns?? The occasional Solmon won't hurt either!

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    My experience is that beads or egg patterns will get you more action but the average fish is smaller. Flesh patterns work better to target big fish.


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      Mr.Pid?What rivers? Close to Anchorage.


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        I assumed you meant the Kenai. That's where I'll be at that time of year, when I'm not hunting. There's good boat fishing between Bing Brown's and Skilak, and lots more river above Skilak that can be fished from a boat or the shore. There should be silvers everywhere at that time as well. I suppose Ninilchik, Deep Creek, and the Anchor would be good fun if the weather doesn't blow them out. I haven't fished those streams much for a few years. They all get a few Steelhead. North of Anchorage has some opportunities but they're smaller streams and are likely to be popular. Montana Creek, Troublesome Creek, Byers Creek, Peters Creek, and Marten Creek have all been fun for me, but it's been several years.

        I enjoy autumn fishing. The tourists are gone and most of the locals are either hunting or busy with getting the kids into school. Perfect.


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          Thanks Pid, I will log those rivers and give them a try if I get my Moose early enough!!


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            I'll take you out...

            If you have access to a computer while up here, send me a message if you have time to get out. I've got a small riverboat and can get into some great fall 'bow fishing areas. I have a hard time finding other people to go after rainbows believe it or not!

            The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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              Save up a couple hundred bucks and spring for a guided day on the Kenai, either motorized below Skilak Lake or drift above. 10-12 lb Rainbows aren't unusual, and you won't soon forget the scenery. I've lived here all my life, have boats, and still enjoy a day with a good guide. You'll catch more fish, have more fun, learn some new techniques, and make a new friend. I've watched plenty of visitors flog the water and not catch fish because they didn't want to pay a guide. A good river guide on the Kenai is worth lots more than all the trinkets you'll buy at The Sportsman's Warehouse because you don't know what you'll need. That's the honest truth.


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                Awesome!! I would love to Mud!! I am bringing a 8wt and gear. I will contact you even if I have to go to library and use computer. No knowledge like local knowledge!! If you want pm me with contact phone #.


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                  September is primetime for Kenai rainbows....I generally fish with a guide I have known for years through the canyon on the upper Kenai. It is a beautiful float and we generally catch 15 to 25 fish apiece using mostly beads. But we have been known to swing 4-5 inch black sculpin patterns that time of year.....not too many hit but everyone is a pig. We also occassionally nail silvers too.

                  If you have an interest in doing so the day trip is about $225 but is certainly worth it. If you do have interest in doing this drop me a line as I have issues getting my salmon meathunter friends to go fishing for rainbows. Otherwise, hope you have a great trip....and a good hunt.


                  PS: They aren't all this size but here are two pics from my last trip in October last year:
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