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  • Chena River Grayling

    Was wondering if anybody was fly fishing the Upper Chena for grayling? On the way home from work yesterday there was about 8 people fishing the slough off of Badger road, anybody know if they are catching anything or is it just the itch too be out there? River is slowly breaking up! Cool new site!
    "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir

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    Badger Slough

    Went fishing for whatever was biting, most likely grayling, but did not catch anything. There were quite a few folks out there. My 6 year old sure enjoyed just being out there. He hunts for birds around the yard with his bb gun. We should have taken the bb gun, he would have shot at some birds. A fun evening with my son!
    "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir


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      Howdy Mr. G.

      I live in town on the river, fish the upper sections pretty heavily all summer, but don't even bother down here. Your best bet over the next couple of weeks is probably going to be in Piledriver Slough. Badger is always crowded around breakup at the easy access spots and pretty silty in a lot of other places where the crowds aren't. Piledriver usually fishes real well the first two weeks of May, then tapers off rapidly after they've spawned. This has been a little colder than normal spring, seems like everything is about a week behind schedule.

      Moose creek is also wide open, but I've never fished it. Almost tried last weekend because after driving down to "my spot" on piledriver it was still solid, but Moose had not a bit of ice.

      I usually don't even mess with the Chena until first week of June or so and it seems to really pick up mid June, but I always try to hit Piledriver 3 or 4 times in early to mid May. good luck to you.


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        Chena / Badger Slough

        As Mr Strickland stated the Chena is slow at best until later in May and or early in June. The fish will Migrate up river after spawning in the tribs. Last year I did find fish as high as 38-40 mile around Mem Weekend however fishing was slow at best.

        Badger Slough as well as Pile Driver are spawning areas for the Chena. Fishing at this time can be excellent. Bead Head White Small Woolly Bugger 3906 0r 9672 Mustad size 8-10 will do the trick if your fly fishing. Nordale Road should be getting good as well. Post Spawn can be excellent as well. Please bend your barbs so not as to damage our resources.

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          Do you really just let your kid shoot birds? That is just wrong man. We have enough troubles from the anti-hunting lot that seeing your kid shooting at birds, probably sparrows. Does that teach him ethics or proper hunting techniques? Think about what you are teaching your child, because he will pass it on to his friends and to his own kids someday.


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            This topic was about fishing! You have never shot a bird before? No, it was not a sparrow. We were fishing in a secluded spot on the slough. Our house is also in a secluded area so nobody saw him shoot the bird but me. No harm.
            "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir


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              Had some dry fly action on Piledriver yesterday. I was even able to do some sight fishing there. Good times.


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