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    I don't want to be the guy asking for secrets but I have to know, when (and where) are the silvers going to hit the parks hwy streams? Looking at the other threads I know what they will bite, now I need to find them

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    Best real data is the ADF&G counts. Look at Deshka River Coho, and that will be pretty close for most of the other Parks Highway streams. You can get historical data for many past years, but there is an obvious trend you will see. Clear Creek above Talkeetna will be a little later by a week or two. Keep in mind, that the Deshka weir is upstream, so the silvers actually hit the mouths in advance of the weir counts by at least a day, maybe more if they are lingering for water heights or temperature.


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      For most of the parks streams they don't come in strong till mid august. Though you can get them earlier if you go to the streams next to the inlet.


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        I will be going to the Kenai peninsula from Aug 24 to Sept 4 , am planning to fly fish for slivers and bows. Should I bring my 6 wt, 8wt, or 10 wt rod..or all three of them? I have already read books on alaska flies and have tied about 300 flies so far...nay suggestions on which flies to tie?? I would appreciate you thoughts and helpful suggestions.


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          I would bring the 6 wt and 8 wt. You should be able to catch silvers on an 8 wt and most trout on the 6 wt.


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            I'd grab some plain purple egg sucking leaches and strip them over the top of the pinks as the silvers will come up for a fly where as the pinks usually won't. Look for fish without white bellies those are silvers
            I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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