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Where do the Anchor river steelhead go in the winter time?

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  • Where do the Anchor river steelhead go in the winter time?

    I understand that they go into the ocean in the spring and spend the whole summer there before they come back to the river in the fall, but where do they go in the winter? I know some rivers have lakes at their headwaters and some have really big, deep holes. Anybody know where they go on the Anchor? Don't worry, I'm not using the information to go fishing for them illegally or something, I am just curious. I like to understand the fish and game that I pursue.

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    They find the deeper holes throughout the river and stay put. Otters love to feast in those holes.
    Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:


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      Originally posted by cod View Post
      Otters love to feast in those holes.
      I bet they do! They love to eat all the burbot and lakers in front of my cabin too! I think somebody should start trapping them on the anchor. Maybe that would help the steelhead out a little bit. A good friend of mine used to live on the Naknek and he told me that in the winter time he would often see otters pulling huge 30+ inch rainbows out on the ice from his favorite fishing holes.


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        I hunted caribou on the Denali Highway one November and watched a couple of otters pull a few large lake trout out of Tangle Lakes.


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