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  • Rainbows & cohos

    Last 2 weeks in aug. S.E.- Icy passage,n. pass, mud bay, area. Have use of skiff. Are there rivers or creeks that will have Bows or cohos? If so what do I need for for tippit & flys.Thanks..DB

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    Icy Passage?

    Do you mean Icy Strait? If so PM me I'll give you the skinny. Icy Passage I know nothing about.


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      no resident bows in I don't think, but just about every stream will hold coastal cutts and dollies. If the silver run timing is anything like juneau which I assume it is the silvers will just be starting to show up in freshwater however you should be able to find nice schools of em in the salt. As for tippet I always have 0x 2x 3x and sometimes 4x but I rarely use 4x in southeast. For flies, egg patterns, bright wet flies (coachmen are good!), and esls for freshwater, flash flies and clousers for the salt. Who ever is supplying the skiff will no a lot more than me.
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