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  • hello

    hi! i've been fishing for quite some time and now i'm learning fly-fishing. I'm from UT and enjoys fishing in our rivers. This august a fried from alaska asks me to spend a few days there. Maybe we could go fly-fishing some time. Any suggestions for a perfect place to go fly-fishing during these time of the year? and what flies are abundant in that area? Thanks a lot
    William Joseph

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    William, Alaska is a big place, where will you be going to? In August the matsu rivers(100miles north of anchorage about) have a great run of silver salmon. Kenai has some good fishing up until Sep/Oct and sometimes into nov for big rainbows. Good luck


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      Big Question

      Scott Milk is correct Alaska is a very large state with many options. I will attempt a general answer.

      Flies up here as an example Free Stone Stream Chena River in Fairbanks has mostly Caddis, midges, Skeeters, chromes with very little May Fly action with a run of Chums and Kings ending in or about the begining of August which means egg patterns. Delta Clear Water Delta Junction is a Spring Creek with midges, skeeters, Stone Flies, and May Flies with a run of Silver Salmon in Late Sept early Oct. Gulkana River Copper River Valley is Free Stone Stream with Great Caddis, May Fly and Stone Fly hacthes, but by August most of the fishing is beads, eggs and flesh. Parks Hgwy Chulitna, Susitna system:
      Beyers Creek decent Midge, Skeeter, and Stone Fly hatches very few Caddis with a run of Salmon in August fish for Rainbows with flesh and egg patterns, TroubleSome Creek August Eggs and Flesh for trout skip the bugs. Montana Creek Silvers, Chums and left over pinks fish standard Salmon Stand-byes like Egg Sucking Leech, or Flash Flies for Salmon eggs, and Flesh patterns for trout, same for Willow, Little Willow, and Little Su.

      I know it seems like I am running this into the ground sorry about that.

      If your chasing trout in August in any of the systems your most productive patterns will tend to be Flesh and Egg Pattern Flies for fly fishing with Salmon fishing tosssed in.

      Hope this helps!

      Richard Mousseau


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        wow thanks a lot..those were great infos..i'm sure they'll help me geared up for the friend lives in Anchorage..
        i think kenai would be great..i'm in for Rainbow trouts and want to try other species too..
        William Joseph


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