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Fishing on caribou hunt

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  • Fishing on caribou hunt

    I will be going on first caribou hunt the first of Sept. flying into a lake west of Lake Iliamna. The air taxi folks say there may be pike or grayling. I want to pack my fly rod in hopes of catching some fresh fish to go along with the dehydrated meals. Never fished for grayling before and would appreciate any advice, rod size, flies, ect.....Thanks

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    I would bring some standard #14 beadhead nymphs, small beadhead buggers, and #14 dry flies (EHC, Stimulator, Para Adams). Grayling are generally ~8-14 inches, but Illiamna can be extremely windy, so I'd bring a fast action fly rod.... a 4 weight would be ideal in my opinion. There are also some big pike in the Illiamna area, so I'd bring a heavier rod with some big ugly flies and a mouse pattern as well - just in case.

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      bring beads and flesh flies plus the ones mentioned above
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        Grayling do not require any fancy or "cool named fly,,,nothing pretty either.They'll bite "any old fly" that even resembles a bug. Ive caught so many on 1 fly its crazy.Nothing fancy,,,just flick the fly out there.


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          Good luck with that, and the caribou hunt as well. I went out west of Illiamna last season, on a lake hoping to get some fish as well. There weren't any fish in any of the lakes in the area. Just saying be prepared for that. At the very least the blueberries make excellent additions to your meals!


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            Thanks for the feedback. We were told that some of the lakes in the area have grayling and/or pike but no trout. Were you out there to hunt caribou? If so how was that?


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              I have done real well on grayling with a #8 olive (or black) beadhead woolly bugger. I would take a 6 wt rod if you are only taking one rod. That would be a good rod for multiple purposes. For pike, any bright, flashy, streamer should get results. Bead head zug bug, prince nymph, and pheasant tail would be good for grayling. All bead head in size 10-14. I floated the Kelly and Kugururok (tribs of Noatak about 80 miles north of Kotzebue) and caught lots of grayling. We were mainly fishing for dollies but caught tons of grayling. Good eating fish and pretty aggressive (easy to catch). We took Zatarains gumbo mix and made "grayling gumbo". Wonderful stuff. We cut the fish in slivers about 1/4" thick and 2" long and added it to the gumbo mix when it was about half done. Great meal.
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