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Juneau Fall Run Steelhead?

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  • Juneau Fall Run Steelhead?

    Anyone else happen upon chromers this time of year? I've never heard of fall run's around here. Caught and landed it among some serious deadfall/snags/branches and it jumped three times and could have easily tangled in the sticks. Thankfully I had tied my fly directly to 25 pound mono I was using as a butt section for a leader instead of putting on the 12 lb tippet! Needed to put on the pressure to keep it from making it into the thick cover. Was actually going to pass up that stretch of water but a buddy said to "stick that ugly fly down in there" since it was weighted more heavily than his.

    I think I used up the luck that I've been banking from all the times I've been skunked! roud: 22" and chunky!
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    Road system?

    If so, that's pretty amazing. The closest fall runs to Juneau I've heard of are in Canada.


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      Wow impressive! I too didn't think we had fall runs of steelhead in Southeast; or atleast northern southeast. None to be had as far as I know over here where I'm at. Maybe POW has some fall runs?


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        Think Yakutat has some fall run, sounds hit or miss - but never heard of Juneau road system fall runs, or elsewhere in this part of southeast - was a pretty bright fish, it might have come up in the late spring to spawn and then stayed in eating eggs and just hung out for the fall?


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