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    Well first post here but been looking for a month or more. Living in Anchorage but stuck in Dutch for a couple weeks for work. Brought an 8wt and 6wt. Any recommendations? I've seen some silvers jumping out behind the Grande just have to drag my butt over there after work. Thanks guys and if anyone wants to fish around Anchorage when I get back I'm a newbie to AK but brought my drift boat up.

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    I live here in Dutch and if you have some chest waders you can fly fish the head if captains bay for silvers. If you have access to a boat it opens up a few more spots. The creek by the Russian church can be good but they are real spooky.

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      Thanks Big-D. I didn't have room for any chest waders. Did get out to Morris Cove the other day and caught a small Dollie, a couple of fish I've never seen and hooked a couple really hot silvers. Kind of crazy how much water there is here but no decent sized rivers. I'm guessing there really isn't a place to pick up any tying supplies though is there? Lost the only bright pink fly I brought that was working.


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