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Grayling in the Kenai area

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  • Grayling in the Kenai area

    Planning on fishing silvers the beginning of September on the Kenai peninsula and was wondering if there were any rivers with Grayling?

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    I don't know of any rivers, doesn't mean there aren't any, but there are a few lakes that do.....
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      Hike the Crescent Lake trail (at the end of Quartz Creek Rd) - fish the outlet of the lake.


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        While there are a few hike in lakes you can catch grayling, I have always wanted to fly into a lake for a few days. Been several years since I looked into it, but it is either upper or lower paradise lake that caught my attention. Scenic Mountain Air, located near Moose Pass, can fly you to the lake where you can rent the USFS cabin, which has a small boat as I recall. Solitude and beautiful scenery are a given. Take a small cooler with some steaks and beer. How bad could it be?

        You mentioned early September on the Kenai! hard not to suggest a drift boat float trip on the Upper Kenai for rainbows and dollies. Trout fitters is a nice fly shop and well regarded guiding outfit in Cooper Landing. You might consider doing a guided drift boat trip on the upper. That's where most my effort on the Kenai has been, and where I will be Sept 14-20 myself. Lovely area and the fishing can be exceptional. Mostly a bead fishery in my experience, but a very special place in September.


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          If you want to fly out, you might look into Twin Lakes as well. Beautiful alpine paradise.....
          Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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            Thanks everyone for your ideas and input....

            Was hoping for something a bit more accessible, but,wow, do those fly in possibilities look amazing!!! Might have to figure it out for a future trip, this one is going to be mostly about silvers and rainbows, if all goes hope to see some steelheads!

            I did fish with trout fitters last year, we were there a little early for the hot rainbow action but did have a great time and got on a few fish. I'm staying with a friend in Soldoltna so kinda basing what we do out of that area.


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              Crescent Creek


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                Accessible... Arc Lake a couple miles south of Soldotna. If you can lay hands on a canoe or fishing raft or kayak you can get away from the small beach at the parking lot that tends to get "occupied" by all sorts of people. It's a really small lake, but you can walk the entire shoreline if you want to get away from other human activity as well. Anyway, they've been stocking it with grayling ever since they eradicated the illegal pike about 4 or 5 years ago.
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