Catch a fish, lose a fish (with pictures)



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  • Catch a fish, lose a fish (with pictures)

    I was working in New Mexico for a few days, and thought I would drop a line into the world famous San Juan River, a few hours north of Albuquerque.

    New Mexico is widely regarded birthplace of modern man in the Americas.

    Twelve thousand years ago the Paleo-Indians crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia into what are now the Americas, and settled in Clovis NM (Based on what Iíve seen in Albuquerque, theyíve made little progress since then) but I digress.

    I hooked up with Art Martinez from ARCOM Outfitters for a day of fly fishing. Artís a great guy that really knows his stuff, and literally from the first cast I was catching fish. We started out at Texas Hole, then moved to The Braids, then to The Kiddy Hole, then back to Texas hole.

    At one point I caught three fish on three successive casts. If I had to guess, I would guess about 20 or 25 fish in all. Donít kid yourself, fighting a 20 inch Brown Trout on a 5wt pole with a 6x tippet is a blast.

    Was I using my $1000 pole and my $500 reel? Surely you jest (and yes, I just called you Shirley).

    Iím way too cheap to spend that much money on a fly setup. No I was using my $150 Bass Pro Combo. Iím pretty sure the fish had no idea what I was holding in my hands, they seemed more concerned with the $2 fly in the water.

    Artís prices are right and he also does Spring Turkey hunts, so if anybody wants to go over there, drop me a line.

    And hereís a link to the video I shot:

    And hereís a link to Artís website:

    brad g.
    So Cal, USA
    Visit my Sporting Clays website

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    Thanks for the pics. Looks like you had a blast!


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      that last picture is awesome! usually thats the only fish of the day and you were planning on eating it for dinner...usually followed by some four letter explicitives.


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        Great pics, especially the last one.


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          Nice job, the San Juan is definitely on my list of places I want to fish.


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