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Whistle-stop fishing from Talkeetna?

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  • Whistle-stop fishing from Talkeetna?

    I'm looking for any information anyone might have on taking my bro., who's flying up from Oregon, on a train drop off from Talkeetna to possibly fish Fourth of July Cr. from Talkeetna--any ideas? This would be the end of June, so would the trout be up that high? Mainly looking for trout, but latching onto anything would be fine.

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    I've heard good things about trout fishing indian, just past gold creek. I think the whistlestop train usually only runs fri, sat, sun.

    We went a couple of years ago on july 4th to gold creek, I sort of wished I had walked up to indian and fished but it was a family trip. We floated the su back to talkeetna, camping on islands for two nights.
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      Ive walked from gold creek to indian and fished bows and did ok, but it was in July when the salmon were there. If you do it id recommend taking the train right to indian and then fishing indian back to the su, but you would have to get picked up at gold creek which is a few miles walk on the river bank. Oh yeah and be loud lots of bears.


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        Here is the train info link
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