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1st week/ 2nd week???

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  • 1st week/ 2nd week???

    Have been trying to prep for my trip in August and have looked at all the archives, in all the forums that I can find. I'm still looking for some more info though.

    Will be spending 2 weeks on the road system and not sure in which direction to head first. Figure 1 day getting gear together before we can head out. Would like to put some silvers in the freezer right off the bat, so that they will be frozen solid for the trip back, so leaning towards the Parks-Chena-Valdez 1st week, Kenai 2nd. Will be coming in August 10.

    So what do you guys think?

    Will based out of Wasilla.

    Thanks guys

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    A lot of your time will be spent driving from Wasilla to the Kenai, could be 4 to 7 hours if you stop for any sight seeing or food, it is about 200 miles. The silvers should be thick in the Kenai at that time, they can be caught from the bank near Eagle Rock. The driving time will be your limiting factor, get up early but be aware there will be moose on the roads, they are black and hard to see. A lot of moose are hit every year. By the time you are here the traffic is a little thinned out, but some places still have their back ups. Have fun.


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      Thanks for the info gerberman.

      Not to worried about the driving time..... other than fuel. My buddy that will be with me has only seen SE Alaska on a cruise, so windshield time will be ok.

      Thanks again


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        I'd hit the kenai 1st week, if u wanna put meat I'n the freezer right off the bat, should be able to grab some reds at the Russian river, it closes aug 20, success all depending on the run and how it comes I'n, probably have to pick through the tomatoes, but u should find some chrome ones. Then head to soldotna and fish of the bank at either centennial campground or soldotna visitors center, plus the rainbow fishing(catch and release will be good on the upper. And last year I caught chrome silvers on the upper kenai I'n the middle of august, unless u are just going to Valdez to sightsee, the kenai should suit ur needs and save u a drive.


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