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Milepost and Highway Angler...enough?

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  • Milepost and Highway Angler...enough?

    So I have the Milepost and the Highway Angler, do I need the flyfishermans version, silver specific version, etc...or do I have enough. I don't want overload since I used a whole 50pk of Sign and Date stickers marking spots in the HA I want to daughter was not real happ when she saw that.

    Starting to compile a list of flies and finding some great older threads that have helped, thanks. Nice being able to weed through the store lists and get to the good stuff.

    And from out of the blue, this might become an annual trip. I have one client who moved up that way and now I might have two more. Just think, I might really know how to fish up there in 5 or 6 years...

    My new weapon should be here next week, just in time to break it in on a tailing red or two during the June tailing tides. WIll try to get a picture good enough to share.

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    1. Plan for skeeters. Hope all for naught.
    2. Talk to other fisherfolk when you get a chance.
    3. Respect big water, and smaller water too - esp if footing unsure.
    4. A lot of streams will hold grayling and are worth trying whether marked or not.
    5. To find salmon, look for cars.

    Have a great trip.
    No habitat, no hunter.


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