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How do i tie a double hook fly for the salt?

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  • How do i tie a double hook fly for the salt?

    I want to tie some flies for fishing the salt for Coho in Alaska this summer. I use a double hook rig. I tie the hooks with an egg knot and then have a stinger at the back of the fly. My question is this. How can i tie a fly on the hook if the shank is covered with line from the knot? any suggestions?

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    Tie the fly on thin hollow tubing (like an ink pen refill), then just slide it on your leader like you would a hoochie.


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      I've got another angle I like best- I tie in a loop of 15# mono before I form the fly body. Basically run your tying thread (white for most of mine) to the back of the shank, double the mono and point the loop back, position it to the length you want and wrap the thread forward over the butts of the loop. About the back of where you want the fly head to be, fold the excess mono back toward the bend and wrap back over it toward the bend. Clip any extra, and you've locked in the mono loop. Finish the thread wraps before applying any body material, or epoxy if you're leaving it bare, then go on about tying your fly. If you want a trailing hook, slip it onto the loop. If you don't want a trailer you'll never know the loop is there, even as it does wonders for keeping long saltwater wings from wrapping around the shank when you cast.

      BTW- For toothy fish in warm waters I use wire rather than mono.
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