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  • fly size?

    I'm heading to POW in 2 weeks for a bear hunt and flyfishing, I called the fly shop in ketchikan and he told me bead heads in size 8-10. I mostly nymph and use lots of bead heads but not that big, is yhis the size I need for there?

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    You from WYO?


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      I'm from utah


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        It struck me one day that the largest steelhead I've ever hooked, and the largest Grayling too... both took big, ugly #4 (four) stoneflies ... flies that were so big and ugly that I seldom fished them. There's wisdom too in having some smaller than expected flies - but I'll wager on the Ketchikan (Alaska, right?) fly shop owner. I certainly like that size range up here in the MatSu - Kenai area of Southcentral AK.

        Sounds like quite a trip! Good luck.
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          It wouldn't surprise me early in the year like now, even though I haven't fished early POW. The earliest "generation" of nymphs each season is larger than what you see later. And in truth, nymphs are good attractors and general steelhead patterns even if there's not a live insect half as large within 500 miles. Ever seen a #6 beadhead Prince Nymph or Pheasant Tail, for example? Two of my favorite steelhead patterns.

          I'm betting on the shop's experience and say bring the flies.
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