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Anyone got the Skinny on King Fly Rigs

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  • Anyone got the Skinny on King Fly Rigs

    Im not a professional dry fly fisherman. I dont even know what size line is what. All I know is three years ago someone turned me on to using a 6wt fly rod to line reds and the next thing I know its the only thing I want to fish for. Now I am stepping into 8wt and 10wt rods for silvers and kings. Problem though is I dont have a clue on what technique and fly rig to use for King fishing. Im headed to the Anchor River on memorial day. Can I flip for Kings? Do I need a sinking tip or can I use a floating line with weights? If using weight should you place weights in line with the rig above barrel swivels or do you somehow lug out a triangle weight suspended from a tri swivel using your fly rod? Can you sight fish Kings on the Anchor River? If so are you able to line them like Reds? Sorry for the million and one questions. I really wish I could find a picture of a rig all dressed out for flyfishing for Kings. I got into the habit of creating videos of my flys for reds so that I could just show them to friends and it works. Well take care all and I hope everyone lands a big one this year. I would settle for fighting a few big ones though, hhahahhah.

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