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Gulkana River HELP needed!

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  • Gulkana River HELP needed!

    Good morning guys...

    I need help:

    I have a group on the upper Gulkana that wrapped a 15 foot Riken around the first rock in the upper canyon.

    My need is 2 fold"

    1st..The group has 3 remaining rafts including a huge Green 16 foot Cat but they are 2 days late and some reports have them still in the canyon. Why? I don't know but if your going through see what you can do to get this group moving down to Sourdogh please..I think they must be a bit rattled and need help but communication has been poor and only reports from other groups. Please help this group out!!

    2nd: The raft: Needless to say I have to get my raft pulled out but this weekend is packed and I will be willing to PAY any group that can Z-Line the raft off the rock, drag it down the canyon and beach it at the lower camp site below the falls. If you want to really make some money tie that raft to yours and pull it to Sourdough. I am willing to PAY!! Gear: if ya find any oars please let me know and if they are still in working shape I will also pay.

    Any news is a huge help for the group, please call me and let me know what you're seeing.

    Gulkana Rafting

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