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    looking for a good reliable place for marine weather reports. Currently using was also looking at marine they are as much as 5 to 10 knots and 2 to 3 ft seas difference between the two sites. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    My guess for no replies to your question is that it is frequently asked here. Use the search tool on this site or go to google and try this:
    marine weather

    A couple better threads are here:

    Many of these sites use the same computer forecast model and just present the data in different formats. That might account for some of the differences you see. The important thing to remember is that these sites just display predictions based on computer models and reality is often much different. There is no substitute for experience in a certain area and talking to local boaters about the typical conditions. It's really common in some areas that the wind will pick up in the afternoon regardless of the forecast. Some of our areas are very affected by glaciers and valleys and the forecasts are not detailed enough to pick up those variations which might greatly affect a smaller boat.
    Sorry if this info is too basic for you but I don't know your level of experience and it may help someone else anyway. If you have questions about a specific area it may get more responses. Good luck.


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      Google and you'll find a loadable app thats pretty good. Emphisis on pretty good. Years ago they were very accurate but ive noticed a sort of morphing to where now theyre about like noaa. As allready mentioned these are predictions and local knowledge still rules!

      in the early days id go to the windy site every day, 365 which taught me to recognise trends which i still look for when monitoring any site. Dont wait till the day before you leave to look at the weather, start a week earlier!

      Lots of user friendly features on the windy site, have a look.


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